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Beautiful Teeth Now

Beautiful Teeth Now

Replace Your Missing Teeth Or Throw Out Your Dentures AND Get Beautiful Teeth Now™ In ONE HOUR

We know this sounds like hype, but it isn't. This truly revolutionary implant dentistry procedure developed by Nobel Biocare™ allows Dr. Gelbman to place your fully functional new teeth in as little as one hour in one visit.

The art of smile enhancement encompasses color, shape, position, symmetry, texture, and luminescence. Cosmetic dentistry is the art of transforming your smile to its natural, youthful beauty. It is also the science of working with the latest advances in dental materials and techniques.

Which of These Problems Would You Solve with New Teeth?

  • Are you terrified of speaking in public?
  • Do you feel self-conscious about your teeth or discomfort when your teeth shift?
  • Are you in a sales or other position that requires you to meet with new people every day and you are increasingly worried that your teeth are affecting your results?
  • Are you recently divorced and wondering why you can't get a second date?
  • Are you sick and tired of wearing those uncomfortable, irritating dentures that are always loose, annoying and preventing you from enjoying the foods you really want?

If you are continually embarrassed by your missing teeth, tired of mouth sores, desperately want to eat your favorite foods again or if you have finally had it with all the aggravation of dentures….dental implants can replace one tooth or a full set of dentures and can be placed in one visit in as little as one hour.

Dr. Gelbman is one of the first dentists to be certified in this procedure. This truly revolutionary procedure: Immediate Function™ from Nobel Biocare™ enables Dr. Gelbman to place your implants and new teeth in one visit.

The procedure to place implants used to require multiple visits, surgery and healing (that sometimes took six months), cosmetic confirmation and final placement. Now this process which sometimes took up to a year can be completed with a short and pain-free initial consultation to evaluate your case and gather the necessary images of your mouth. Your Beautiful New Teeth™ will be placed on your next visit – it's that simple.

Placing your new teeth in one visit has many advantages over other implant procedures that require multiple steps. For example: delayed placement of your teeth can result in changes in your mouth including receding gums that won't look natural with your new teeth. In addition, immediate placement provides immediate full function and that is a result that all patients desire.

We have been placing and restoring dental implants since 1982 and this procedure allows us to dramatically change your life much more quickly.

There are very few patients who are not good candidates for dental implants and we can educate you on alternatives if you don't meet the criteria.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to the replacement of missing teeth. The results our patients have experienced should give you the confidence that implants are a far superior solution to dentures and bridges. (link to specific testimonials about implants)

How does this really work?

  • At your initial consultation, Dr. Gelbman will make the diagnosis based on a clinical exam and x-rays. He will then discuss your treatment options.
  • Next, a CT scan of your jaw is completed using a low-radiation machine.
  • Using the Nobel Biocare™ software, Dr. Gelbman will perform a "virtual surgery" on your scan. This is a fancy way of saying he utilizes his training to prepare your case for the creation of your new teeth.
  • The files are transmitted to Nobel Biocare™ where a three-dimensional model of your jaw is constructed. A surgical guide is created to the exact specifications of your mouth. The guide and the model are used to create your new set of teeth.
  • Your new teeth are examined by Dr. Gelbman and each part is checked for accuracy.
  • Your one visit is scheduled.
  • Dr. Gelbman surgically places your new teeth without the use of incisions or sutures. The result is very little post-operative swelling. Any discomfort is treated with an over-the-counter pain medication in all but very rare cases.
  • The entire surgery is performed with local anesthesia and usually takes less than sixty minutes to complete.

What if I am worried about the pain?

We are one of a handful of dentists in New Jersey that are licensed to utilize oral sedation. Oral sedation is one alternative that can virtually eliminate your anxiety about pain and discomfort. Most of our patients get relief from any lingering discomfort during the initial placement stage with over the counter pain relief you would take for a headache.

What benefits can I really expect?

  • Eat whatever you like! Implants improve your health with the ability to chew a wider variety of foods.
  • Smile with confidence. Discolored or missing teeth ruin your appearance. Implant supported restorations help increase your self-esteem. People will approach you more readily.
  • Express yourself clearly or simply be understood. Implants increase the retention and stability of your teeth which helps you speak clearly.
  • Improve your external facial structure and decrease the likelihood of continued bone loss. Your jaw and teeth will smile together.

The best time to start your path to a new you was yesterday – the next best time is today.
With so many benefits – call Dr. Gelbman today and get started.

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